HYPR: Authenticator that eliminates the use of password

HYPR is the industry’s most trusted name for password-free multi-factor Authentication (MFA) solutions. Using its unique smartphone-initiated True-Password less Multi-Factor Authentication technology, HYPR streamlines the login process while simultaneously avoiding attacks that directly result from insecure or lost passwords.


HYPR safeguards identities while providing a high level of convenience for users. By requiring users to execute multi-factor Authentication at the time of desktop login, businesses and public bodies can close a significant security gap with the help of HYPR.


  • Smartphone-initiated MFA
  • Single sign-on
  • Easy Administration
  • Passwordless Login
  • FIDO certified end-to-end
  • Users will save time across the board with all login processes. Helpdesk labor gets saved thanks to the elimination of ineffective password resets.


We have the expertise in integrating and implementing HYPR.

To provide password-free multi-factor Authentication, HYPR relies on public key cryptography and consistently implements FIDO standards. The Central FIDO Control Center ensures precise control of iOS and Android handsets, platform authenticators like Hello or Touch ID, and security keys.

The user usually sends an authentication request, and HYPR sends Challenge and Policy, where the Private Key gets stored on the user’s trusted device. While Login, the user sends the Challenge signature to the cloud, and after verification with the public, and private key pair stored on the server, Authentication is successful.

Notice significant gains in security when logging on to essential apps on the desktop and a reduction in susceptibility due to the elimination of passwords and other shared secrets. The removal of passwords and the refocusing of efforts on a standardized multi-factor authentication platform contribute to increased employee satisfaction.

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