Application Management Services in New Zealand

Drive efficiency with integrated software support services with high transparency. Our next-generation Application Management Services in New Zealand help businesses manage digital business processes and applications without hiccups. With our unmatched monitoring and support, enterprises are able to focus on their core business while we keep their IT applications up and running perfectly. At API Connects, we strategize application management to ensure optimal performance. No wonder, we are the most trusted name in New Zealand for application management.

Application Management and Monitoring Services

We bring vast application management expertise for our NZ and AU clients. Our competence areas are represented by application and IT landscape evaluations, advisory services, daily application maintenance, support, and app performance enhancements. Here are the application management and monitoring services we are most trusted for:
  • Next-Gen AMS Consulting

    We develop a foundation that can keep up with constantly changing business demands and technological trends and then build it for you after thoroughly assessing the current AMS processes, applications, and workstreams.

  • AMS Cost Optimization

    Our Right-Value approach enables us to identify all critical sources of waste. We use advanced analytics to quickly reduce operating costs while enhancing short-term performance by examining existing workloads, productivity, automation infrastructure, and other factors.

  • Application Modernization

    Our technology adaptation makes the most of your application portfolio. It ensures that it functions flawlessly as a part of a contemporary, cloud-based digital foundation that is dependable, simple, and affordable. We support legacy systems and modernize applications where possible.

  • Application Monitoring

    We create application portfolios and map them to critical business procedures. We deliver real-time insights from a business, functional, and application standpoint that significantly boosts performance while minimizing operational impacts

  • Application Enhancement

    We enhance applications functionally and technically depending on the type of applications. Additionally, we provide the adoption of automation features or solutions to boost worker productivity and decrease the waste brought on by manual procedures in processes.

  • Application Support

    We provide 24/7 application support in flexible models. The multiple plans include resolving user queries, managing incidents, fulfilling incoming requests, and Service Level Management.

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Why partner with API Connects?

As a team of application engineers and performance managers, we provide KPI-based app management services in New Zealand to keep your mission-critical applications in sync with the current business needs and IT advancements and make them run failure-free. Here are the many benefits of partnering with us:

Application management but better

Our application performance management and monitoring services are helping enterprises in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and USA experience a paradigm quality shift in the speed, quality, and reliability of applications and technology solutions. Schedule a free 1-hour consultation session with our team of application managers today for friendly advice.