Hire DevOps Engineers in NZ

Make your release management cycle more efficient and push features faster to market with modern DevOps services in New Zealand. Since 2015, our team of DevOps engineers is helping NZ as well as global organisations boost productivity, deploy resilient systems, and also gain a 360-degree view of release cycles.
We implement DevOps by leveraging the power of agile collaboration, monitoring, automation, and cloud. Our team of DevOps experts are helping hundreds of businesses automate your end-to-end delivery pipeline and facilitate continuous integration. This means that your applications too will get on board quickly, saving time, and resources.

DevOps Services in New Zealand

At API Connects, we assure our clients process agility, security, and a rich customer experience while working with DevOps. Our team of experienced programmers will help accelerate your business workflow with automation following a well-developed DevOps roadmap. Whether you need a game-changing software product or DevOps support as a service, we can deliver everything in the DevOps realm. Here are our most subscribed DevOps services:

Infrastructure Management

Efficiently manage all interactions between your cloud and on-premise environments, virtualization software, servers, storage, network, and more.

Operational Management

Design, manage, and control your operational system processes. Use our decade spanning experience to ace DevOps operational management.

Capacity Management

Manage your system resources to perform efficiently and scale up to serve workloads cost-efficiently. Unmatch support on capacity management promised!

Availability Management

Implement event-driven management architecture and robust monitoring in New Zealand to ensure that critical services meet agreed levels of availability.


We increment your count of successful deployments through effective release management principles and best practices. Partner with API Connects!


Manage security audits and inspections to ensure industry-leading data security protocols. Trust API Connects for industry’s best in IT security.

DevOps Support

Comprehensive support for DevOps infrastructures, operations, and workloads from experienced DevOps engineers. Schedule a free consultation today!

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DevOps Work Approach

Lower costs and boost efficiency with affordable DevOps solutions in New Zealand! Be it a small business planning to take BIG technology leaps or a Fortune 1000 company with consulting requirements, our team our DevOps engineers promise professionalism and expert support to all. Here’s the process we follow to deliver DevOps perfection:

Assessment and Planning

We create a DevOps Assessment roadmap by studying your current As-Is processes, visualizing the To-be state, and identifying the right traceable metrics.

Developing Pilot Framework

Our DevOps engineers leverage our robust open source and licensed tools to provide a workable framework by integrating with your existing devices.

Implementation Process

Our team of developers will implement DevOps through our analysis, design, and automation best practices across your IT development landscape.

CI/CD Pipeline

We bridge identified gaps in Dev Ops by implementing a robust CI/CD pipeline to deliver continuous development, integration, testing, and deployment.

Kickstart your DevOps journey with us

Our DevOps services and consulting expertise is helping organizations in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, and USA experience a paradigm quality shift in the speed, quality, and reliability of software applications and services with DevOps. Schedule a free 1-hour DevOps consultation session with our team of engineers to make the most of modern technologies and processes.