Data & Analytics Consulting

APIConnects data consulting services help you turn data into your most valuable asset by enabling data-centric transformation, establishing a current data analytic architecture and delivering benefits at scale.


Our experienced data professionals apply tried-and-tested approaches based on industry-leading technologies to unlock additional value in the world’s largest and most complex data analysis environments.


We assist leaders who want to acquire a competitive advantage for their businesses by leveraging data to increase operational process efficiencies and innovate. Our data and analytics consulting services are framework-based, reducing time to delivery while increasing accuracy and effect.

Our expertise

  • Data Platform Modernization

    Data modernization enables firms to be analytics-driven, generate revenue, discover new opportunities, and improve operational efficiencies.

  • Data Architecture

    Data architecture aids in determining the ideal platform. It informs on optimal custom solutions, whether or not to use a cloud-based solution, security threats, and database options.

  • Data Strategy

    Developing a precise data strategy can open up new avenues, improve procedures, promote integration, and assist transformation. It's a dynamic and transformational live document.

  • Business Intelligence and Analytics

    BI helps you acquire business-transforming insights and efficiencies. It supports businesses and departments in achieving their objectives with data-driven initiatives.

  • Cloud Migration

    We use automatic cloud management and migration solutions to ensure a smooth, seamless transition and an agile transformation management plan.

  • Data Quality

    Ascertain precision, thoroughness, consistency, and integrity. Guarantee that information is accurate, easily accessible, and timely, without duplicates.

How we add value with Data consulting

APIconnects delivers value to its clients as a strategic data and analytics consulting partner. We provide various data analytics services to drive value from data. We are consistently on top of the latest technological trends, advances, methods, and processes. Emerging tech knowledge creates the groundwork for our organization’s value chain to flourish. Here’s the deep into how our firm positively impacts our client’s business.

Enabling Technology

Companies face massive difficulty in determining which software and architecture to deploy and how to integrate them to optimize their value. APIConnects is a vendor-neutral technology consulting service that always suggests the best software and tools for each engagement’s specific needs.

Talent Augmentation

Working with a data and analytics consulting firm like API connects gives you access to a large pool of consultants and professionals who are experts in data intelligence methods, tools, and approaches.


A great technology consulting business should be your data journey’s partner, taking you from point A to point B, B to C, and beyond. It is critical to evaluate previous successes and meet with the principal contacts involved in previous engagements when looking for a technology consulting firm. Client suggestions, success stories, and evaluations should be as transparent as possible for the best data and analytics consulting services.

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